#Free Plagiarism Tool is Ineffective :

Many people like to use free plagiarism tool to check the uniqueness of their articles. The problem with free plagiarism tool is that it cannot accurately detect plagiarism as it does not check all the sources on the internet. It lacks a lot of search features which are available in a paid plagiarism tool. It can only find websites that have phrases that exactly match the phrases in your article. The majorities of the free plagiarism tools are not working at all and will just return plagiarism passed on all articles that are pasted into the text box.

#Has Lousy Search Feature :

Paid plagiarism tools can accurately detect plagiarism because it takes into account many factors instead of just detecting the matching phrases such as synonym. It will return a long list of results of websites that it suspects has similar content with the article you are checking. You will be able to perform word by word comparison with the content of your article.

#Allows Limited Number of Searches:

Free plagiarism tool may limit the number of searches you can make. Paid plagiarism tool allows you to make unlimited searches so that you can efficiently check your article for plagiarism.

#Cannot Check in Batches

Free plagiarism tool cannot check in batches. Paid plagiarism tools offers batch search feature so you can save time if you have a lot of articles to check. You will be able to check thousands of articles at one time with the premium plagiarism tool. You can work on other things while letting the plagiarism tool to perform the check. The plagiarism tool can be integrated into your content management system (CMS) so that you can conveniently check all new articles for plagiarism. This prevents you from having to manually check the articles.

#Don’t Support Multiple Languages

Most free plagiarism tools do not support multiple languages. With paid plagiarism tool, you will be able to check articles in different languages such as kanji, mandarin and etc.

#Does Not Allow Linking to Other Accounts

Paid plagiarism tools allow you to link to other accounts. This feature is great for you if you work with a team of editors. By linking to other accounts, you will be able to track their searches.

#Free Plagiarism Tool Cannot Check by Domain

Free plagiarism tool only compare results in the search engines. It does not allow you to check article plagiarism by domain. Paid plagiarism tool allows you to check your article with offline sources. You can use a paid plagiarism tool to check your website for plagiarized content by entering the domain name. If no result is returns, it means that it cannot find any website that plagiarized your content. If there are websites with content similar to yours, there will be links to those websites where you can take a closer look at the article.


In conclusion, you should not use free plagiarism tool if you are serious about plagiarism on your article. It only incurs a minimum cost to perform a search on a paid plagiarism tool. If you have a large number of articles to check every month, you can get a discount by purchasing a monthly premium plagiarism detection subscription.

  1. Gaurav Heera 4 years ago

    Free plagiarism tools are not effective. they making fool of us. I saw many times they’re not able to detect duplicate content. even one of the best in the industry called copyscape is not able to detect such things. we must not rely them. we must use an original version of these softwares and if our budget is not allowing us to purchase a premium version than we must use Google Search to check such content.

    Great Post

    Happy Blogging


  2. Kamlesh Nishad 4 years ago

    Exactly free plagiarism tools make users fool. Not everytime copyscape fails I”ve been using copyscape from last 3 years and it giving good results then free tools. One thumb rule not everything is perfect in the world even if it is paid. 🙂

    Btw thanks for taking time to comment here.

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