List of Best Websites To Watch Live IPL 8 Online 2015

Website to Watch Live IPL 8 2015

Cricket!! Either be World Cup, Test matches, twenty20 match, IPL or one day match people out here in India has a different madness for cricket and people madly searching for websites to watch IPL live online. The beginning of the cricket season had already started with CRICKET WORLD CUP 2015, now the latest craze is on for IPL 8 (INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE 8). With students and working people living away from home may miss these matches so here we come up with the live streaming of these matches. You might have seen people got mad about scores and they started searching live ipl 8 scores 2015 instead of visiting live ipl websites that shows scores.

Website to Watch Live IPL 8 2015
Website to Watch Live IPL 8 2015

Unlike last year the broadcasting rights have been shifted to sky sports and this right will last for 3 yrs. IPL 8 has its opening ceremony on 7th April which will be followed by the first match of IPL 8 on 8th April 2015.

To double the excitement and thrill the venues and dates have been finalized and to complete your search of the live IPL 8 streaming sites 2015 are here. With these websites you can watch live streaming ipl 8

  1. Hotstar.com

This site can give us the complete live streaming of live IPL 8 2015 on our mobile and PC, there is an app available for android and iOS users, which helps us in seeing the live streaming of the matches. This site has done a good job in the past few months and now is officially broadcasting the live streaming of IPL 8 2015. You need not compromise with the quality of streaming, this is because it gives a crystal clear streaming on mobiles but may give a blurry streaming on iPads.

  1. IPLauction.in

This is not the official site and also does not have official streaming rights, but still you can find the live streaming of IPL 8 2015 matches. This site is maintained by the Fans of IPL. You can catch the latest updates like date, time, location, highlights, live streaming and many more.


  1. StarSports.com

This is one of the most famous sites in India to watch live streaming ipl 8 because the marketing done by them is absolutely aggressive and is of free nature. It also has the official and legal streaming rights. This site has a similar feature like media player where we can rewind the live match and have a look at those moments we actually missed out and after that we can jump back to the live streaming to continue. It provides the viewers a good quality coverage of live matches with highlights, commentary and live scores. We can access this site from our mobiles using the app available for Windows, iOS and android users and can be accessed using a PC (Personal Computer) or laptop.

  1. Youtube.com

This is another official site where you can catch the live streaming of the IPL 8 match. You can choose on the quality by your wish and it can be accessed through mobile, Laptop or PC with the same quality and need we need not compromise with quality.

  1. IPLt20.com

This site does not give live streaming of ipl 8 online but it is another official site which will provide you with live in- match videos like the boundaries, wickets and many more details (i.e. Highlights). The videos are not of live streaming but are really quick so we can state it as real quick time videos. People looking for complete match may avoid this and would be perfect for people who want to go through the match via highlights.

If you are looking for android app to watch live iple 8 online then you should not go for it there are tons of android apps on the playstore claiming to show live streaming of IPL 8 2015 but actually they won’t.

So these are the best websites to watch IPL 8 live online. Few people have exams these days don’t ingore it focus on studies IPL matches will come on but once you failed your time won’t came back.

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