How To Fix Hacked Wordpress Website Or Blog Easily

WordPress is the most popular content management system used by top tier universities and huge corporations such as Ford.

However popularity comes with a price. Because of being the most popular CMS software in the world, WordPress is targeted by top hackers. These hackers want to make a profit by attacking WordPress websites and their databases. The goal is to make money by posting affiliate links that makes them money when your readers click them and by stealing the email addresses from the people who comment your posts. As wordpress is most targeted platform for hackers everyone must know the way to Fix Hacked WordPress website


How To Fix Hacked WordPress Website Or Blog Easily
How To Fix Hacked WordPress Website Or Blog Easily

However there are solutions to fix hacked wordpress website . You can prevent it from happening and you can fix the problem once you are hacked.


Steps to protect your WordPress website From Being Hacked:


  1. Use strong password. This is the first and the most important step. If you use passwords that are easy to guess, such as your name, the chances of being hacked, even by bots alone, are multiplied. Do not write passwords manually, use an online high security password generator to generate an unique strong password and store it inside password vault that no one can access. Let the browser save the password to automatically login for you.


  1. Never use the same password again, no matter how strong the password is. Using the same password for more than one account will explode the chances of being hacked. If you use a strong password to register on Forum X, the owner can see your email address and password you used to register. If you post a link to your WordPress website, he can follow the link, enter the Forum X login and password you used and he’s in.


  1. Update WordPress frequently. No CMS is ever 100% secure and bugs are fixed frequently. Make sure the installation you have is the latest and if it’s not, update it immediately.


  1. Use login attempts limits to block people from logging in if they enter the wrong password more than twice for example.


Steps to fix hacked WordPress website:


  • Scan your computer for viruses or spyware. If your computer is infected, then your data is being sent to someone that will be able to login again once you enter the new password. Use both anti-virus and anti-spyware.


  • Change your WordPress password immediately with a secure password generator if you can still login.


  • If you cannot login, delete your WordPress installation and install it again using the latest version and by uploading your latest backup to the website. Everything will be exactly like it was before the hack. This is why it is so important to backup your blog as soon as you update it. This is a guaranteed way to fix hacked wordpress website


  • If your backup contains viruses then do check your wordpress files there might be a infected link or code injected in your wordpress. This is bit time consuming but you have to do it to fix hacked wordpress website.


  • Check .htaccess file first if there is any unwanted code is there or not if yes then remove it. Check index.php file, header.php, footer.php.  These are the most targeted files for wordpress hackers. Sometimes hackers inject unknown folder to our wordpress site you can easily identify it become of naming conventions. To fix hacked wordpress website you have to review these files first.


  • In case your entire server account was hacked, contact the hosting customer support and get them to fix the problem and to give you a new password and then follow the step 3 again.


WordPress will continue to be one of the best content management solutions to build websites and blogs and it’s guaranteed to continue to experience attacks on a daily basis. Your mission is to learn how to shield your WordPress installation well enough to give it a chance to stand up even against the best hackers. It is essential to know how to fix hacked wordpress website if you using wordpress on regular basis.

  1. Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing..! That is really awesome tips about WordPress security.

    You know..? I lost over 70 articles of my blog posts because my blog was hacked last years.

    Actually, I never think that security is important for WordPress. I careless with backup and maintaining my blog.

    A guy logged in my blog as Administrators and deleted all my article. He tried to change my account.

    I don’t what he want from my blog, but it is a nightmare to me.

    I have spent some money for WordPress security and plugin. I setup a plan for monthly backup of my blog.

    Thanks for sharing additional tips about security and I really love this..

  2. Kamlesh Nishad 4 years ago

    Thanks for your appreciations. Sad to hear that your wordpress blog was hacked and you lost 70 articles. I would only backup and maintenance isn’t enough for wordpress blog, If precaution is taken in time then one can avoid hacks and all easily .

    You know wordpress is so much popular and used by many users and hence hacks most targeted platform is wordpress only. The points that i have mentioned in the post should by all the fellows who are using wordpress. These are not new most of the probloggers and Big companies running blogs takes these precautions to avoid hacks.

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