12 Tips to Increase Awareness, Engagement, and Conversions of Website

If you own a website, then you’re well aware that it is very important to rank on the first page to get more traffic and conversions.  To get more traffic you need to generate awareness about your website to get huge engagement, so that it increases your conversion rate.  In this article we are going to explain 12 tips to increase Awareness, Engagement, and Conversions of your website.

To Increase Awareness:
This is very important to create an awareness about your website in such a way that consumers first search your website to collect information or to buy a product or services. To increase awareness about your website you need to focus on these areas:

  • Referral Traffic
  • Traffic Volume
  • Number of Inbound links and volume
  • Your Email subscriber database
  • Your social media followers

To Increase Engagement:
You can define engagement as how to get your visitors to stay on your website for longer time. It also involves the other type of engagement like they can easily find the desired product for which they visited your website.  Your website should be designed keeping your visitor in consideration. To increase engagement of your website you need to focus on these areas:

  • Average time spent on your website
  • Data about return visitor
  • Number of pages or posts viewed by a consumer.
  • Your website bounce rate
  • Social Media engagement
  • Reviews on your website
  • Email opens & clicks ratio

To Increase Conversions:
Conversion marketing is the act of converting your website visitors into your paying customers. You always need to plan your strategies to have a high conversion rate. To increase the conversion rate of your website you need to focus on these areas.

  • Product and services purchase consumer reviews
  • Telephone call or online chat
  • Email submission and reply
  • Reply to request info or a quote
  • Give free download option for an eBook, white paper, studies etc.

Along with the above tips you need to add some more efforts to increase awareness engagement conversions of your website.  These tips are:

1. Understand your audience
Understand who is your targeted audience. Plan your product and services in such a way that it fulfills their desire. Try to build your brand through offers and promotion into your audience.

2. Understand your competencies
Understand who is your competitor and keep an eye on their marketing strategies. This will help you to build your website reputation and to rank on top of competitors.

3. Plan your Online marketing strategies
Plan what you will do online so that it will be beneficial for your website. Make a calendar of your plans, services, content, offers, etc. This will help you to promote your next plan on time and give you enough time to execute and promote it.

4. Promote your website though your blog content too
“Content is King”. So why don’t make use of content and promote your website through content. This adhered to in all of your marketing efforts.  Try to plan and share content that target your website motive.

5. Create simple and ease to use website
The website which is designed keeping the consumer in consideration always have a great impact on consumer. Make your website navigation easy and understanding.  Make your website look professional and branded that it becomes a memorable experience for the consumer when they were browsing the website.

6. Make your website responsive and compatible to open on any device
If your website is not compatible to get opened on mobile, then you are losing much traffic and consumer. Make sure that the website is optimized for multiple screen size and get opened on any smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

7. Minimize your page load time
Consumer want to have all things in one go. Likewise, they want the website to get loaded in a few seconds on any smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

8.  Make use of  landing pages
Design your landing pages  that converts your visitors into paying consumers.  Collect data from analytic that shows where you have more consumer, where they navigated and finally from where they exited.  This will help you to know what is your consumer requirement.

9. Make use of social media
Make your social presence strong. Consistently share engaging content. Analyze what type of social media audience you have and what they like. Try to also share services as per your social media audience.

10. Use Analytic and Webmaster account
Always make sure that you regularly check your Analytic and Webmaster account. This will help you to have a detailed report on various things like visitor reports, web traffic report, keyword details, conversion rate, crawl error, search query, links, blocked URL, HTML error and much more.

11. Advertising
Off-course we want to have organic traffic. However, you can make use of Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising to attract visitors.

12. Make your website SEO friendly
This is very important in the initial phase when you just want to start your website. Fulfill all of the SEO requirements and make it clean to get crawled by Google regularly.

If you follow these tips, you will surely get an increase in your website awareness, engagement and conversion rate. You can even search and add your own marketing strategies that can boost traffic and sale.

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